Motorsport Classic 2017

McKlein’s “Motorsport Classic 2017” calendar offers you the chance to travel in time to the wildest days of motor sport history. The high-quality black-and-white calendar features 25 incredible racing and rallying images from the 1950s, 60s and 70s - a long bygone but well-loved era - thus bringing famous moments of the sport’s history back to life. Every month, this McKlein calendar gives you the choice of two images taken from Formula One, sports car races and international rallying. These include Graham Hill getting a lift on the engine cover of Jim Clark’s Formula 2 Lotus, Ford GT40s and Porsche 910s approaching the first corner on the airfield of Vienna-Aspern side by side, and the burning Mini Cooper of Rauno Aaltonen on the 1962 Monte Carlo Rally, just three examples of the moments in time captured in this calendar. All the pictures come with a short description of these unique moments from days gone by.


Technical details:

Size: 67 x 48 cm

Number of pages: 26

Images: 25 (a choice between two images each month)

Extra features: Spiral binding, shrink-wrapped and sent to you in a special cardboard box

ISBN: 978-3-927458-84-0



Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark