2021 Desktop Rally Calendar - History meets the Present

A rally car goes past you in no time at all - roaring, scattering dust or water, drifting sideways or possibly flying low - it passes the spectators quickly and spectacularly. The "2021 Desktop Rally Calendar” offers these moments caught in a photograph, not for eternity, but for a whole year - and new possibilities every fortnight. It sits on your desk and, with its proven and stable spiral binding, makes changing subjects child's play. As always, there are two photos to choose from every fortnight, one from the current WRC and one historic rally scene. These can be changed literally in no time at all. There is something for everyone - whether it is a Toyota Yaris WRC, Hyundai i20 Coupé WRC or Ford Fiesta WRC from the current year, or a classic shot of an Audi Quattro, Ford Escort or Lancia Stratos. Enjoy the best snapshots from the McKlein collection right on your desk with the very finest rally action plus driver studies and scenes on the side lines.


Technical details:

Size: 11.5 x 14 cm

Pages: 56

Pictures: 56 (a choice between an historic image and one from current rallying every two weeks)

Extras: Spiral binding and a purpose designed stand


ISBN: 978-3947156306





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